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Fasciapulsology into Dance Methodology Research

In 2016 I met Florence Augendre. For the last twelve years, Florence has been developing a practice on how Fasciapulsology can implement active
physiology awareness in the body training of dancers. Taking part in her movement exploration sessions I discovered a complete new exciting way to approach dance. When tuning in to the physiological rhythms of the body, movement arises effortlessly, honest and vibrant.

Today, together with Florence Augendre, Marion Blondeau, Charlotte Allen and Alison Grace Clissold, we are developing a methodology that intents to support the movement exploration of dancers and artists. This can be applied in artistic processes, movement researches and trainings.

Originally Fasciapulsology is a manual therapy that implies a soft and deep touch, which enables a precise and fine listening of the membranous fluid motions and pulsations of the tissular Body. The fascia supports movement in dance. By bringing our consciousness to an internal touch, we become explorers of internal landscapes, that is fluid and ever changing. We then word it, map it, reflect on it and mirror it for others.

The current stage of the research is how Fasciapulsology can support artists in their performative state? Gathering tools that enhance the qualities of stage presence and performativity. And resourcing our so far experiences in order to create an artistic practice.

1st Residency: 24 - 29 October 2019, A Mandrola, Monte do Carvalhosinho, Portugal.

2nd Residency: 10 - 19 May 2021, A Mandrola, Monte do Carvalhosinho, Portugal.

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