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Chreoghraphic and Research Projects

NOV 2021

Caudal - Creative research. Collaboration with Ángela V. Chandía. Dialog in-between somatic practices and physical theater.

10 - 19 MAY 2021

Fasciapulsology into Dance Methodology - In this project Paulina is developing a methodology of a practice that supports the somatic movement exploration of dancers and artists. This can be applied in artistic processes, movement explorations and trainings.

JULY 2021

Why do you have a face like Sopropo? - Live performance, Video performance and Video installation. Collaboration with visual artist Sarojini Lewis and Poet Chitra Gajadin. Personal stories that take place in the toko, around emotions and migration of the Surinamese communities. Drawing this into a broader context and linking new encounters to it. 

JUNE -AUG 2020

LALA - own creation. - In this solo work, Paulina explores feminine and masculine stereotypes.

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