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Rethinking the role of listening can be very revolutionary. Revolutionary in the sense of changing paradigms about how we see creation, how we see the human being in relation to her/his

Ángela V. Chandía and Paulina Vogel

Production Arrojo Laboratorio Escénico

Collaboration with Nunart Guinardó

Visuals Pedro Rota

body, in relation to the environment and in relation to other bodies.


What happens when we dare to stop, to inhabit silence and to awaken the sensitivity of listening? What do we hear? Rhythms, densities, friction, silence, waiting, tensions, impulses, contact with the senses, the perception of time. Caudal offers a space for the participants to question their relationship with themselves, with others and with their environment.


In contemporary global society, there are many and diverse forms of connection that lead us to live in a rhythm of constant immediacy. Most of these ways of connecting amplify our experiences and possibilities, but what is the role played by the closest communication tool we have, which is our body? 

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